The Solution Centre

This is the landing page for the domains associated with The Solution Centre (TSC).

Some history :


We started the company “FoodPlan Computer Systems” back in 1987 with our Bakery / Food costing and production planning system, BakePlan.  We still have some BakePlan customers after all of these years, and it is long overdue for a web-enabled version!


When David Fourie discovered C and C++ programming in 1989 he later moved into programming training and Call Centre middleware development.
It made sense at that stage to start a new “Call Centre” company and that is how “The Solution Centre” was born.  That was in 1997.


  • C and C++ custom development and consulting
  • C, C++ and MS Development training courses
  • Web hosting and ISP services under the “Modiredi” banner
  • VOIP and internet
  • Solar installation and design services
  • WiFi mesh systems – specifically focused on “Plasma Cloud” mesh WiFi products (EasyMesh –

Our contact details are below.

David Fourie – +27 82 318 7891  or   +27 11 782 5466